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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a business strategy where a company hires external professionals, often from a third-party service provider, to complement its existing staff for a specific project or period.
It involves bringing in additional resources to fill skill gaps, increase productivity, and meet project deadlines.
In staff augmentation, the hired professionals are integrated into the client's team and work alongside their existing employees.
The client keeps full control over the project and defines the roles and responsibilities of the augmented staff. The augmented professionals handle specific tasks or functions and work under the client's management.

Staff Augmentation

Choosing the right staff augmentation service

When selecting a staff augmentation service provider, consider the following factors:

Expertise and Experience

Look for providers with a track record of delivering high-quality services in your industry or a domain.

Flexibility and Scalability

Make sure that the provider rightly adapt to your changing needs and scale the team as required.

Cultural Fit

Assess the provider's cultural alignment with the organisation to ensure smooth integration and collaboration.


Evaluate provider's communication channels, project mgmt methods for effective communication

Talent Pool

Determine the provider's ability to access skilled professionals who fits into your corporate realm.


Staff augmentation service has to be cost effective. Evaluate pricing models, such as hourly rates.

Comparing Staff augmentation with Outsourcing models/Features of staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation is outsourcing required expertise. However, it is just one of the many outsourcing models to choose from. There are alternatives to look up to, like independent contractors (freelancers), Time and material (T&M), Dedicated teams, and Offshore development centers. So, how do they fare against staff augmentation, and which one is suitable for you? There are certain facets that can be different or similar for these outsourcing models.

Office facilities

Office equipment and Rentals


Hiring a developer or Development


Accounting and Payroll


Time dedicated by the Developer